XMediaTV content management system

Backoffice system is an OTT operation support system independently developed by China Xida science and technology, with carrier level security, reliability and operation management capabilities, and complete end-to-end full coverage. It mainly provides the operation and management of on-demand and live broadcast services


Product features

Rich product system

To provide cloud computing, mobile development framework platform, video, data, user, hybrid cloud, intelligent operation and maintenance, security system and other products to help customers innovate business.

Simple management

XMediaTV Users have the management authority of XMediaTV, and have complete control over the management background. They log in to the system background with browser to carry out operation management, such as configuring transcoding parameters, uploading on-demand media resources, on-demand transcoding, opening live broadcast, operation menu, recommendation position and other important operations. The operation is simple and efficient.


The cost is low

Using XMediaTV cloud service can support billing according to the actual use of resources, saving you computing costs. At the same time, it greatly reduces the cost of your hardware and software procurement, and simplifies the IT operation and maintenance work

Service integration

Highly integrated MSP (independent development of streaming media services), Tencent cloud streaming media, Amazon streaming media and other video capabilities, while supporting WeChat payment, Alipay \Paypal\ mobile payment and other mainstream payment integration, work together in the video streaming media, advertising, shopping, operation to provide users with a variety of business solutions

Diversified configuration

XMediaTV provides a variety of media content for different needs of users. The content presentation in each application can be flexibly adjusted to meet the operational management needs of your application


Three cloud service modes of xmeidiatv

Create a variety of video cloud modes to meet the diversified needs of video services

Public cloud

Provide customer-oriented public cloud resources, deeply integrate public cloud capabilities with big data, AI and other capabilities, and provide one-stop solutions for smart value-added services

Proprietary cloud

Provide Internet proprietary cloud for customers. It has unique, isolated and high-performance network resources to meet the customer's requirements of isolated and high-performance network resources

Deep customization cloud

It can meet the requirements of high customization and security of customers, provide cloud technology, big data, AI, security and other comprehensive capacity output, and meet the customers' needs of customized cloud construction in an independent and isolated environment.