TV shopping system

Xmediatv OTT TV shopping system is a B2C single user mall system developed for TV operators. It has powerful functions, convenient operation, stable framework and easy expansion. Let TV operators build their own TV shopping mall with lower cost, less manpower and faster speed, and start large screen shopping business


Product features

product management

Manage basic information such as commodity price, picture, launch time, etc., and have detailed statistics of inventory, visitors, views and total sales volume

Classification and brand

Manage the classification, establish the classification and brand of the products, and select them when publishing, so as to facilitate customers to browse the products in different ways


Coupons are the necessary artifact of marketing promotion activities. They are flexible and rich in styles. Businesses can set up diversified discount coupon marketing activities according to their own business strategies

Order management

The order list can accurately and clearly filter the order status, and record all relevant information flow of the order more completely

Order details

Including the customer name ordered, ordered products, quantity, amount and other data information records

Commodity information

Record all product information, support the insertion of goods, advertising, video, pictures and other data types, pictures directly call the commodity atlas, clear and clear

Member management

,Manage the member information of the mall, add customers manually, increase points, check the order situation, etc

Membership points

General rules and specific points acquisition rules can be set, which can be flexibly mastered according to the operation mode and situation of the mall

Application scenarios


User defined usage rules, distribution form can be combined with other promotional activities

Time limited discount

Direct reduction of the amount of goods or discount, the most affordable means of promotion

Full discount

There are many rules and forms in the coupon strategy, and the ladder consumption reward mechanism is adopted to make more purchases and more benefits


Online payment

Support for Alipay, WeChat payment, etc.

Freight template

Freight template supports custom freight and freight template setting, which is more flexible and convenient

Logistics inquiry

Several logistics express companies are preset to facilitate the selection of delivery and logistics query