One-Stop Service Guarantee

Based on the principle of serving customers, the XMediaTV team adopts one-stop service to simplify complex operations, and easily build its own system platform from preliminary consultation to after-sales service.

VIP Tailored

Real-time OTT Platform in project mode, in-depth understanding of each customer's needs, determine effective implementation methods, so that customers can obtain the best cost performance.

Customer Participation Principle

Always maintain an interactive state, customers will participate in the whole process of project development and implementation, which can effectively avoid blindness and risk of project development and implementation.

Lifelong Benefit From One Cooperation

The product only needs to be purchased once, and you can enjoy complete after-sales service for life. The completion of each application system is just the beginning of a new cooperation with us.

Comprehensive IT Service Plan

Including online support and on-site support. After the customer puts forward a service request, the customer service department and quality control department will follow up until the problem is completely resolved.


Service Guarantee

  • Strong technical support
  • Rapid response and rapid deployment
  • Tailored
  • 7*24 hours after-sales service
  • Rapid product updates

Systematic Training Courses

System Management Training

The main content includes technical work such as installation, implementation, management, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

Product Operation Training

Product training mainly conducts comprehensive training from system functions, professional terminology, operating skills and use procedures, application scenarios, etc.

Real-Time Online Training

Consultants provide one-to-one training and answer questions for users through online forms (such as: qq, WeChat, email, video conference, etc.

On-Site Professional Training

Professional consultants and technical experts visit the site for training and exchanges on product-related aspects


After-sales service