Enterprise video new media solution

based on XMediaTV's powerful audio and video processing capability, combined with the enterprise's new media construction needs, it provides a one-stop solution integrating live broadcast, on-demand, content encryption, content distribution, data analysis and other capabilities, so as to help enterprises develop rapidly.


major function

Live video

provide stable, smooth, low latency, high concurrency real-time audio and video services to help build enterprise level online live broadcast platform easily.


Providing one-stop customized VOD technologies and services such as video upload, multi-point storage, AI transcoding, video content management, player customization, video multi-level encryption, CDN distribution acceleration, statistical analysis, etc.

Live recording

Provides live recording function for the server and can be saved to the on-demand platform for users to watch and download on demand at any time.

Policy promotion

Policy documents are broadcast in rotation to enhance the executive power of employees

Information release

integration of media consultation release platform, can release company news, industry information.

Training courses

New product training, new employee training and various skills training, reducing communication costs and improving training effect.

Experience sharing

A powerful tool for employees to learn from each other and improve their work skills

Message notification

Important message, one touch.

Multi terminal






Our strengths

Security, professionalism and stability

secure, professional and stable cloud services

Excellent audio and video communication quality

support HD real-time video communication, optimize cloud flow control strategy, reach the industry leading level in real-time performance, anti echo performance, etc.

Real time recording, wonderful playback

1. Live real-time recording, one key playback, on-demand.
2. Online editing, convenient for users to edit, retain and disseminate key video content.

Multiple protection, live broadcast security controllable

1. Staff identification, designated viewers, to prevent leakage.
2. Manual & AI double audit to maintain a good live environment.
3. Anti theft chain, anti recording screen, multi-dimensional security of live broadcast content.




Consulting services for consulting solutions

Provide in-depth consulting services, develop cost-effective solutions, research and development experts follow-up projects, in-depth assistance to solve technical problems.

Powerful and convenient background management system

The underlying technology is no longer a black box. The background details are clear and controllable. Each data stream and node status can be controlled in real time, and real-time monitoring alarm system and accurate data report are provided

Disaster recovery backup

Real time mirror backup on the platform and business data cloud ensures that the business data is secure.