Online education solutions

Based on XMediaTV's powerful audio and video processing capabilities, combined with the online education industry, it provides a one-stop solution integrating live broadcast, on-demand, content encryption, data analysis and other capabilities to help the rapid development of online education.

Product function

Live broadcast

Provide stable, smooth, low latency, high concurrency real-time audio and video services, help to easily build enterprise level online live platform.


Provide one-stop customized VOD technologies and services, such as video upload, multi-point storage, AI transcoding, video content management, player customization, video multi-level encryption, CDN distribution acceleration, video advertising, statistical analysis, etc.

Live recording

Provides live recording function for the server, and can be saved to the on-demand platform for users to watch and download on demand at any time.

Content management

Support various types of media content, such as video, picture, text, etc. the content presentation in each application can be flexibly adjusted to meet the operation and management needs of your application.

Intelligent recommendation

Through intelligent content discovery and recommendation engine, it can provide students with personalized experience.

Operation system

Courses, lecturer profiles, course comment scoring, course sharing, topic, notification and reminder, message push.

Multi terminal access






Our strengths


Safe, professional and stable

Safe, professional and stable cloud services. Excellent audio and video communication quality (support high-definition real-time video communication, cloud flow control strategy optimization, leading the industry in real-time, anti echo and other performance.

All terminal cross platform

Support full platform of tablet, IOS, Android, web and applet.

All round copyright protection

Through a variety of live encryption technology, to achieve a full range of detection and protection, to eliminate the theft of broadcast behavior. Provide more professional digital rights management solutions (DRM) to fully protect your video security.

Application scenarios