Hotel IPTV solution

Based on XMediaTV's powerful video processing capability and rich industry experience, it provides one-stop solution for hotel IPTV and helps the hotel to create its own image.


Function introduction

Commercial customization system

Easily customize the launch page to create the exclusive hotel image

Diversified hotel services

Support diversified personalized service content customization

Easy docking

XMediaTV is based on open API, which can quickly connect with content providers and create rich content network TV

High definition and smooth

720P HD quality, stable and smooth under high user concurrency

Advantages and features

The operation is simple

The interface of the system is simple, fashionable and clean, so that the residents can play with the TV only by using a remote control

Enhance brand image

Personal display such as boot screen, boot video, hotel introduction, etc. can improve the residents' awareness of the corporate brand, and help promote the corporate brand promotion and corporate culture publicity

Highly integrated equipment

The equipment is simple and easy to use, and can be remotely controlled to achieve 24-hour unattended

New management and maintenance experience

The backstage system manages all the front-end equipment in a unified way, without the need to set up separately on the TV in each room, so as to improve the work efficiency. No need to maintain the computer in the guest room, saving labor cost.


Application scenarios

  • Wineshop
  • Hotle
  • Cruise TV
  • School
  • Community



Consulting services for consulting solutions

Provide in-depth consulting services, develop cost-effective solutions, research and development experts follow-up projects, in-depth assistance to solve technical problems.

Powerful and convenient background management system

The underlying technology is no longer a black box. The background details are clear and controllable. Each data stream and node status can be controlled in real time, and real-time monitoring alarm system and accurate data report are provided

Disaster recovery backup

Real time mirror backup on the platform and business data cloud ensures that the business data is secure.