OTT / IPTV solutions

XMediaTV has opened up a new way for operators to generate revenue through VOD, live TV and interactive applications. Bring the most obvious opportunity to traditional TV distributors.


Function introduction

Live broadcast

Provide a platform for live TV, live broadcast and live interview.


Including VOD, on-demand title, music on demand and other rich interactive VOD services. Support breakpoint replay, selection, my favorite and other VOD functions.

Multi screen interaction

1. End users can share video on other terminals by moving their fingers across the screen. 2. By matching set-top boxes with mobile devices, mobile devices can be used as remote devices. 3. Multi screen interactive query: due to the convenient input method of mobile devices, users can search for programs and play them on TV screens.

Value added service advertising system

Supports dynamic and static advertising: can insert ads before / during / after VOD

App store

Including games, shopping, lottery, financial information and other value-added services

Video on demand recommendation

The system analyzes and recommends the programs that the audience likes according to user habits

Our strengths

The solution is based on the network data center in the cloud computing network IDC (Internet Data Center). It considers the high concurrency deployment requirements, the diversity of functional requirements and cloud services to realize OTT cross network, cross network segment and cross screen services.

In addition, our solution to meet the needs of home users, the use of third-party applications to meet users in the weather broadcast, stock market, express inquiries, games and other aspects.




Consulting services for consulting solutions

Provide in-depth consulting services, develop cost-effective solutions, research and development experts follow-up projects, in-depth assistance to solve technical problems.

Powerful and convenient background management system

The underlying technology is no longer a black box. The background details are clear and controllable. Each data stream and node status can be controlled in real time, and real-time monitoring alarm system and accurate data report are provided

Disaster recovery backup

Real time mirror backup on the platform and business data cloud ensures that the business data is secure.