Solution of financial media center

XMediaTV media center platform integrates multi-channel and multi-form content collection, content editing and scheduling, content editing and processing, integrated media content media resource management, multi-screen content layout and release, multi-mode application delivery, content transmission and distribution, and multi-terminal application support. It has a complete integrated media process application management, which can be used by TV stations and TV stations Taiwan, newspaper group, Internet video company and other units with a large number of digital resources and content provide a variety of comprehensive application solutions related to video and audio content aggregation management, content resource mining and application.

Function introduction

Multi channel content aggregation of converged media

Multi form and multi-channel content gathering: support multi-form content collection and collection including video, audio, pictures, text and rich media forms.

Integrated media content acquisition, editing, command and scheduling

The integrated media content acquisition and editing command platform supports WYSIWYG, convenient and efficient quick response to various events on the live broadcast site, supports the omni-directional construction of multi-channel content acquisition, editing and dispatching linkage management process, fully realizes the packaging and presentation of content information, and comprehensively visualizes all kinds of acquisition, editing and issuing information and data.

All media content resource management

The platform takes multi terminal and multi modality fusion content aggregation and application as the core, and realizes the process management of metadata definition, audit mark, attribute cataloging, classified storage, retrieval application, AI intelligent audit and other process management of multi media resource content.

Integrated media interactive community application

Support each channel, column or reporter to carry out interactive live broadcast application. In addition to video and audio live broadcast, it supports simultaneous live broadcast of audio and video, sharing and reward, and interaction of bullet screen, so as to create an application mode of multi style and multi form live news / Interactive News / listening to news.

Our strengths

Build mainstream public opinion position and publicity platform

Support the construction of a unified command and dispatch multimedia acquisition and editing platform, realize localized multi-channel and multi-form content collection and aggregation; support the integration of all public media resources such as radio and television stations, websites, internal newspapers, mobile client wechat, microblog, third-party accounts, etc.; improve the media platform's ability to disseminate news and public opinion and guide Power, influence and credibility to better guide users.

Provide a variety of Internet Applications

Support the construction of powerful local government interaction, we media settlement, convenient information services, business development and other applications.

Content monitoring feedback based on big data

Apply big data technology to support cross screen and cross device visitor tracking and statistics of cross access between PC station, micro station and app end, so that data is no longer fragmented.

Unify content management and control and assist communication decision-making

Use media big data technology to master user dynamic data in real time, build a two-way service and feedback mechanism with users based on data feedback, and truly establish a user-oriented content production service mode and an effective central internal leadership decision-making mechanism.


Application scenarios




Consulting services for consulting solutions

Provide in-depth consulting services, develop cost-effective solutions, research and development experts follow-up projects, in-depth assistance to solve technical problems.

Powerful and convenient background management system

The underlying technology is no longer a black box. The background details are clear and controllable. Each data stream and node status can be controlled in real time, and real-time monitoring alarm system and accurate data report are provided

Disaster recovery backup

Real time mirror backup on the platform and business data cloud ensures that the business data is secure.